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  • Washrooms and clean up areas, commercial facilities, factories, restaurants and hospitals.

  • Perfect for Residential use: Condominiums, appartments, houses, garages.


  • Wide drying area

  • Allows users to dry hands more naturally and comfortably.

  • Air Speed Adjustment

  • On/Off Heater Switch

  • Standby Power: Less than 0.5W

  • Blue action light indicating sensor range and maximum drying ef ciency.

  • LIFETIME warranty

  • Smallest footprint on the market

  • Easy to service

  • Tamperproof screws

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Voltage Universal 115-230*VAC (*50/60Hz)

Material 1.2mm White Powder Coated Steel

Features Contemporary curved design I Patented high-flow dual air outlets

Motor 250-500W Brush Type:
Dual Ball Bearings I 15,000-26,000 RPM I 95°C auto reset overload

Power Use 240V, 50Hz, 1000W, 4.17A

Sound Level 75db (+/- 3)

Drying time Less than 15 seconds

DP Rating IP 23

Element 500W

Heater 85°C auto resetting thermostat I 105°C auto reset safety cut off

Warm Air Speed: 35-70mis (adjustable) I Temp: Ambient +25°C

Protection 60 sec power cut off, auto reset

Sensor/Range Infrared Automatic – 152mm +/- 20mm preset
Blue LED indicates operation/range

Case Security 2 SS theft resistant hex drive screws (hex key supplied)

Net Weight 3.8kg

Dimensions 276mmW x 216mmH x 100mmD

Note Unit can be hard wired by electrician or used with cord and plug provided

Material 1.2mm White Powder Coated Steel

Made in Canada

Proud Canadian manufacturer of intelligent hand dryers since 1984.

Lifetime Warranty

The only manufacturer in the industry offering Lifetime Warranty.


Hand drying that doesn’t cost the earth. Save trees and energy.


Our products are built in reinforced steel, using only the best materials.

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